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In parallel with its developments for the JUICE mission, VR2Planets created a trailer video which was broadcast during the CNES YouTube live during the probe’s launch.

Understanding molecular processes in spectroscopy is complex… The scientific and graphic expertise of VR2Planets were called upon to create this 3D animation and allow students and the general public to see the phenomena involved during these laboratory analyses.

Under the aegis of ESA, France is contributing to the development of the EnVision mission which will be launched in 2031 to Venus. VR2Planets is a partner of the French and European contributions for the graphic visualization part.

Understanding planetary magnetic phenomena is complex. VR2Planets has developed a 3D environment allowing you to visualize the magnetic data for several planetary bodies in video.

VR2Planets’ graphic skills were called upon to embed Mars rovers in the Utah desert for the scientific magazine “Le Monde de Jamy” published in April 2019 (Thomas Pesquet, la tête dans les étoiles).

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