Explore the solar system and discover the Sun as never before!

Dedicated to probe Solar Orbiter, this software lets you discover the major stages of the mission, from lift-off to orbiting the Sun.

Solar Orbiter left Earth in 2020.

  • Relive the mission
  • Interact with SolarOrbiter
  • Learn about its instruments and their operations
  • Explore the Solar System
  • Featuring real mission data
  • View realistic model of SolarOrbiter
  • Compatible PC VR headset
  • EN / FR

The mission will collect data about the Sun until 2031. Discover the instruments and data that will be collected.

Explore the solar system as seen through the eyes of the probe.

Graphic rendering of Solar Orbiter.

More information about the project here: https://www.spacetravelvr.org/solove.html

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