Welcome to Mars!

Discover the play area of curiosity, the American rover that has been exploring Mars since 2012!

Take a tour of several emblematic mission sites, discover virtual reality tools in a habitat, and let your visitors experience an unforgettable moment immersed in the heart of space exploration!

  • Experience different missions on mars by interracting with different environments
  • Take control of rovers
  • Martien landscapes reconstructed from mission’s photos
  • Learn about seismic waves and their propagation in the planet

  • Compatible PC VR headset
  • Collaborative mode
  • Autonomous mode : easy to demo during events

The software is collaborative, you can experience with several users at the same time who can see and talk to each otehr. Several scenes allow you to discover the Martian missions: Curiosity, ExoMars, and InSight. Get information about the data collected and the clues to understanding how the planet Mars evolved.

Two autonomous modes are embedded in the application for collaborative immersion during events.

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