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VREXplorer is the first immersive, collaborative platform for loading digital terrain models into virtual scenes shared in real time between remote users.

This tool, originally created for geoscience teaching, allows users to import 3D data in a variety of formats (Digital Elevation Models, 3DTiles, point clouds) and visualize them in shared environments where they can see, talk and analyze the terrain in real time.

PlaNet3D is the result of a pedagogical development project for teaching at Nantes University.

This web platform is a secure, editable catalog hosting digital models of 3D samples for digital distribution to students.

VR2Clinometer is a software for autonomous VR headset allowing to train students in the use of a specific geological tool: the clinometer.

Teachers can follow the experience on screen and guide students in their learning taking measurements onto custom numerical twins of real outcrops.

What are foraminifera? Where do they live and how are they recovered? What information can they give scientists?

This application for autonomous virtual reality headsets lets you communicate about these little-known organisms, which are nonetheless essential to our understanding of past and present environments.

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