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Virtual reality is a highly effective means of communication!
Immersed in virtual environments, users’ attention is totally focused on the content at hand, and their memory is enhanced. Wired VR headset technology, using the resources of the latest generation of graphics cards, makes it possible to create high-quality virtual experiences.

Large touch screens are ideal for presentations to colleagues. Their large size allows users to be immersed by being very close to the screen, and the tactile interactivity provides effective and entertaining control of the environment. We have developed planetary terrain data visualization tools adapted to virtual environment data presentations: a collaborative experience that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting memory of the environments visualized.

VR2Planets offers you the opportunity to use its skills in graphic design to highlight your activity.

For your events or your internal/external communication, the graphic creations of our team will magnify your content in the form of videos/images with an emotional impact on the target audience.