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This software dedicated to the visualization of data from the landing site of the Mars2020 mission, was created for the presentation of the first scientific results to President E. Macron in 2021 a few weeks after the landing and for the live event on Youtube of the French Space Agency.

In just a few movements, scientists can move from the orbital scale to the pebble scale and visualize the digital twin of the landing site reconstructed by very high precision photogrammetry and the rover itself including its main french contribution SuperCAM.

  • Experience the mission Mars2020
  • Interact with the rover Perseverance
  • Learn about the instruments on the rover Perseverance
  • Landing Site reconstructed from mission’s photos
  • Discover Insight, Curiosity and Exomars missions

  • Adapted for events
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This software is now being demonstrated at the CNES Mars Operations Center (FOCSE, French Operations Center for Science and Exploration).